The Guy

He’s giving up a week of his freedom.The least you can do is read this.

What kind of person agrees to be locked in a tiny house for a week? Well, we have our theories. Thankfully, we also have Joshua. A native Seattleite and recent graduate of Pepperdine University, Joshua will be your guide—and your goal—during the Key To Strong Challenge.

To get to know Joshua better (that is, before we locked him up and hid the key), we asked him a few questions.

Q: Is there any past experience you’ve had that’s helping you prepare for this?
Well….this is a truly unique experience. However, there are some things that I feel inadvertently trained me for this. This last spring I went on a cruise to Mexico with my four best friends. In a cabin built for two. We had a roll out bed in the only maneuverable space left in the room. The entire week was filled with the inability to stretch, the brief and stifling seconds of intense but inescapable claustrophobia, and of course the “lets have a conversation even though our faces are only 6 inches apart and try to pretend its normal” moments. Now, obviously, one of the best (and potentially worst) things about this opportunity is that I will be utterly alone, but I now have a unique muscle memory of how to maneuver in the epitome of “close quarters”. I also used to go caroling on the streets of Seattle. So I like these people. Let’s hope they remember me! Hark how the bells!!

Q: What about being locked in a tiny house worries you the most?
Perhaps the emotional repercussions of isolation. Perhaps the angry homeless man nearby that just recently acquired his first brand new flame thrower. Perhaps the fear of leaving the house next week weighing 400 pounds from eating from a fully stocked fridge for six days. You know….the usual.

Q: What are you telling your friends/family/significant other about this?
I’m telling them that someone else will be feeding and housing me for a week. And that I’m gonna be doing something really cool that they wouldn’t believe if I told them and its hard to explain so I’ll email them a link when I have it.

Q: What’s the first thing you’ll do when/if you get out?
For some reason, swim. I’ve never ever said that before. And I don’t think I’ve swam in years. But that sounds like it would be nice.

Q: Who would you like to see locked in a house for a week?
Any of the following combinations:
James Woods and Kristin Chenowith
Sarah Palin and Steven Colbert
Octomom and all her children
Queen Elizabeth and all her Splendour
Oprah and Raven Symone

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