How it Works

How does the Key To Strong Challenge work? It’s pretty simple, really. Each day, the guy we locked in a house (Joshua) will give you a task to do. (Follow @LockedinaHouse to make sure you’re in the loop.) Sometimes, Joshua will ask you to visit a location or landmark in Seattle; others, he’ll just ask you to do something online. Either way, once you complete that task, you’ll be given another. You can expect anywhere from two to five things to do each day; to unlock the guy (and the money), you’ll have to finish them all.

Other important details:

  • The first clue will be released at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 23rd, at The Schlage House in Westlake Center Plaza.
  • All other clues will be released on the blog first thing each morning. (To keep you guessing, we won’t tell you exactly when.)
  • You can start The Challenge at any time during the week—just as long you don’t mind playing catch-up.
  • The person who completes The Challenge first will win the $5000 Grand Prize. First place finishers (5) will receive a Nexia™ Home Intelligence Schlage Home Security Kit, (Includes: Schlage Home Keypad Lock, Nexia Home Bridge, and Schlage Home Dimmer Module) and second place finishers (5) will receive a Schlage Keypad Lock.
  • Please, don’t bother cheating. You WILL be found out and made to feel very foolish. (Security is our business, after all.)
  • Out!!!: Thank you @jemc2010!!!! thanks for playing, everyone!! ...
  • Wednesday: Clue #1: So. The final day has arrived. I have to say, I'm dealing with some mixed emotions here. On one hand,...
  • Tuesday: Clue #1: After three full days being locked up, I have three words for you: One. More. Day. At this point, I’d...