Disappearing Depot

Good evening, fellow friends and one unfortunate enemy.

You’re almost there, I’m almost out, and someone is about to be a whole lot richer. I KNOW that everyone is only playing along so that they can spend some quality time with me once I’m out. I’m not STUPID. As much as I would love to say that my chivalrous rescuers are all moral, upstanding citizens, I have a feeling that one of them is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Someone stole the clue from Home Depot. This prevented a couple people from finding it and thus gave the thief an inappropriate advantage. To the crook, I say that I would rather stay in confinement that run into your dirty arms. An escape shrouded with such deceit and thievery would be as anticlimactic and generally displeasing as a bee farmer with a debilitating honey allergy.

To the rest of my friends, I apologize profusely for this act of evil and am writing to inform you that the challenge code that was hidden at Home Depot (the last step on the worksheet for day 2) is 4729.

Also, to you angelic sheep, if you know who the perpetrator is, I challenge you to don your wolf’s clothing at once and reveal their identity. I know of a much less breezy box for the scoundrel that I’m sure Schlage would more than willingly provide the locks for. Now everyone is on the same playing field. For those of you that feel robbed, keep in mind that those who are still in need of this clue still have much more to do than you. Good luck tomorrow, dear friends! It was a pleasure speaking with most of you today!

Happy hunting!


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2 comments on “Disappearing Depot
  1. Jordan says:

    I had a feeling this would happen when I saw that nobody was really monitoring the clue and it would be easy to rip through or cut the tie that held it in place. Bummer that people are that cruel though :(

  2. Woody says:

    The clue at South Seattle (SoDo) was still there Tuesday night, the 26th, when I visited. It was after 8pm for sure.

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