Turkish Delight of the Afternoon Persuasion

Well today has been rather slow, despite the twenty or so people that I talked to on the phone. No matter how hard I tried, every other person I talked to ended up turning into a 10 minute conversation. I was trying to keep it short, but I just feel like I owe so much to my prospective rescuers. Anywho, I’ve just been lounging today on the phone, so its been nice. I have so much cleaning to do, its ridiculous. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sing a song with this lovely gentleman named Sid. He rattled off about 40 songs that I’d never hard of before we finally agreed on a tune. He actually offered to let me join his band, but, alas. I don’t play drums or bass. I felt guilty that I was potentially robbing him of a financially profitable opportunity, so I stuck a sign out the window saying, “give this guy money”. It worked, too! Thanks Sid!

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