Security settings are for the weak. Schlage is for the strong.

So we had a little trouble with the facebook posts. Unfortunately for me, Facebook’s security settings are about as strong as the Schlage lock on my front door. If you posted something on your wall today for me to read (like Monday’s clue asked you to), I most likely wasn’t able to get to it. Sorry! However, I would LOVE it if you would go to the Schlage Facebook page and repost it (or post it for the first time). I could use all the cheering up I could get! Starting to get a little stuffy in here….

Speaking of security, I can’t express how awkward it is that these human beings are paid to stand there and protect me. I feel so guilty, I just want to switch places with them. So far, my night guards have been named John (big and quiet), Don (small and chatty), and Dale (strong and hidden). They literally just stand outside my door all night long. It’s rather humiliating! I mean, no one’s gonna get through the DOOR obviously, not with that Schlage lock on it, but I’m a LITTLE worried about the windows. Or the flammable wood structure. Can’t wait to meet tonight’s guy….I may try to get him to play some cards with me.

Here’s one of my favorite posts from today (I’ll post more favorites later).

From Rebecca Bridge:

Josh’s house is so small, he has to go outside to change his mind. Josh’s house is so small, he put the key in the lock and broke the rear window. Josh’s house is so small, he walked in the front door and tripped over the fence. Josh’s house is so small, his welcome mat only says “WEL”. Josh’s house is so small, when he drops a kleenex, he has wall-to-wall carpeting.

HAHAHA. Thanks Rebecca, for cheering me up! Good luck in getting me out of here!

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